Need 19.7 – Disabled Veteran In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a disabled Army veteran in need. He was deployed to Iraq and Afganistan 4 times and served as a right door gunner on a Chinook helicopter. He is medically retired and suffering from PTSD and Schizophrenia. He was assigned and has a fiduciary because he is deemed unfit to handle any of his finances. Two months ago there was a mix-up with his identity, and the government thought, in error, that he had committed a felony and was a fugitive. All of the necessary paperwork is completed and delivered to the V.A. The national warrant system issue is also now cleared. The problem is that he has not gotten his medical retirement check in two months and as a result has not paid his January rent, and he does not have any food to make it until the end of the month. Eviction papers have been served. We want to save him from losing his apartment ($1,970) and getting an eviction on his record as well as provide him with some groceries ($200) for the next two weeks. We expect the checks to resume in February and he will then be able to recover financially.






raised of a $2,270.00 goal

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