Need 19.68 – Single Mother Of Two Forced From Her Home

We alert you to a single mother of two boys that is in a housing crisis. Several years ago, she lost her children to the state due to her substance abuse. She has been sober for over two years now and for the past year, has been renting a section of a man's home. There she lives with her two boys (6,5). The boys play in the local baseball league, and she maintains a full-time job working in the office of a construction company. A few weeks ago, her landlord was arrested for theft and a few other charges. She soon learned that he had several other warrants out for his arrest, and he is now in jail. She was shocked. A few days after the arrest, the man's brother came to the home and told her that she had to move because he was selling the house. She initially met the man in her recovery group, and they did not sign formal lease documents. She is being forced to move, and she does not have the income to cover it right now. She has located an apartment that she can afford on her budget, and she and her sons will be living alone. She needs a security deposit that is $300, the first month's rent of $900, and utility deposits of $200. I feel confident that she will be able to sustain her family going forward if we help her with this transition.






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