Need 19.6 – Family Needs Fuel Tank – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a family of six that is in danger of going without heat for their home in the next week. The father of four is a teacher, and middle school sports coach and the mother is in school full-time to become a registered nurse. Their home was built almost one hundred years ago and fueled by an oil tank that currently sits outside of the house. The company that fills the tank is refusing to fill it anymore because of the tank's condition. It is not up to code because it is rusted and is not sitting on a concrete pad. This violation came as a shock to the family as they had never been told of any issues before with the tank. The father was able to convince the company to at least sell them 150 gallons a few weeks ago to give them some time to figure this all out. They agreed, and now the clock is ticking to find a solution to the problem. The father does not have the money to pay for the new tank and concrete pad. The first estimate was $2,700. We have worked with him to find a better solution, and he has found a contractor that will do the work and move the tank inside the house (best solution) for $1,900. We do not want to see this family go without heat next week and want to buy the new tank and installation for this family in need.






raised of a $1,900.00 goal

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