Need 19.50 – Single Woman Lost Home In Fire

We alert you today to a single woman that has lost her home in a fire. Her house burned completely down on August 28th. She did not have renter's insurance, and she lost everything she had in the fire except her car and her dog. She is a professional salesperson and has a stable work history as an independent contractor. She has been spending her savings living in short term housing and has secured a new rental property. She has some pressing needs that are threatening to exacerbate her problems. She needs a rental deposit ($1,000) to get her out fo the high cost of short term housing. She also needs a mattress ($500), computer for work ($500), and clothes for work ($250). Mainly our relief goals are to lower her monthly bills, give her a place to sleep, and help her get back to work.  We are confident with this relief that she will be able to stabilize her situation and rebuild on her own.






raised of a $2,250.00 goal

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