Need 19.5 – Registered Nurse For 24 Years In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you to a single mother of three, and registered nurse for 24 years, that is in need. This mother has a solid track record of providing for her three children. In September she took an opportunity to work on a contract basis in a nursing role that looked promising. By mid-December, she found herself out of work for the first time in a very long time. All of her employment opportunities pushed her off to the new year, and she is starting her new job next week. The issue is that she did not have an adequate financial safety net and is now facing eviction for not paying her January rent.  We are going to be working with her, through our local church partner, to develop her financial education and health but for now, we want to prevent the eviction. She waited too long to ask for help. Usually, her rent is around $1,500, but she now has to pay late fees and court fees, so she needs $2,049 total. We are working with another organization that is willing to pay the last $300. She has spent her last savings paying for her utilities and does not have money to pay towards rent and still make it to her first paycheck at the new job. So she needs $1,749 to prevent eviction. We want to help her avoid eviction.






raised of a $1,749.00 goal

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