Need 19.49 – Woman Recovering From Cancer

I hope everyone is gearing up for a fun holiday weekend. Before we head into the weekend, we have one more Need Alert. We alert you, for the last time this week, to a woman that is recovering from cancer and is in need. She works as a researcher for the CDC and was forced to take unpaid leave from her work due to hospital stays relayed to her cancer and her lupus. She recently was able to return to work and even got a better research position inside of the agency that pays better money (around $5k per month). The issue is that although she starts the role next week, she will not be paid until the last day of September. She was not comfortable asking for help so she spent all of her savings and emergency funds before reaching out to us through our local church partner. She needs $2,486 to pay her rent, utilities, and living expenses for September. She has already undergone an interview with a financial counselor and we are confident that she will be able to provide for herself going forward.






raised of a $2,486.00 goal

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