Need 19.47 – Family Displaced By House Fire

We alert you today to a single mother and her two children that have been displaced from their apartment because of a fire. They did have renters insurance at one time, but the coverage lapsed when the mother made a mistake and did not pay the premium. The apartment complex is refusing to fix the damage until their insurance company funds the construction cost. Meanwhile, the mother is essentially homeless with her 13 and 5-year-old children. They stayed in a hotel for a few nights, but that was not fiscally viable. So they decided to stay with her 17-year-old freshman daughter in her student housing. This arrangement is not sustainable for the family or the new college student. We have been working with them to find a new home and have found a place that fits their budget. The issue is that she does not have the money for the deposit or the cost of moving. We want to help them with the apartment deposit of $1,068 and $250 for the moving truck and day labor for the move.






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