Need 19.46 – Teacher Fighting Breast Cancer

We alert you to a teaching that is fighting breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer on March 12, 2019. Her husband is retired from a county school system, and she was working the last section of her teaching career as a substitute teacher. They were able to make things work financially with savings until August 7th when she underwent a double mastectomy. She is now starting her eight week recovery period, and they are very low on their savings. Immediately following her recovery, she will begin radiation treatment. She is unable to work during this time, they are now down to only the husband's retirement income, and it is not enough to make ends meet. She needs help with two months worth of rent, utilities, food, and gas. This is a significant need totaling $4,024, and it will take us all doing what we can not meet this need. Please take a moment to pray for her, share her need with others, and give if you can and feel led.






raised of a $4,024.00 goal


  1. Hope Smith-Faulknor
    30.08.2019 at 10:20 am

    Thank you all for the outpour of love you have shown me through your prayers and your donations. I appreciate and love you all.

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