Need 19.43 – Single Mother of 5 Killed In Auto Accident – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a sad and severe Need. Last Friday the single mother of five children was killed in a tragic auto accident. The father is nowhere to be found, and the children ages 14, 12, 10, 8, 3 were left without anyone to watch over them. Their grandmother suffered a major stroke on May 8th, and at the time of her daughter's death, was in a nursing home rehabilitating. She left the nursing home and moved in with the children. She is in a wheelchair, and her speech is impaired, but she is doing her best to care for the children. They do have some insurance benefits coming to the children, and that should be in their possession by September 1st. It is not a great deal of money, but it is enough for them to buy some time to make sustainable living arrangements. Right now, they are in crisis and need some relief. They need rental assistance to avoid eviction, food money until September, and school supplies for the children by August 12th. We want to help them with $400 for rent, $700 in food money, and $600 for school supplies and clothes for the children.






raised of a $1,700.00 goal

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