Need 19.4 – 21-Year-Old Single Mother In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you to a 21-year-old single mother of a 2-year-old little boy that is working her way out of homelessness. She grew up her entire life in the foster care system and never had a relationship with her parents. Three years ago she became pregnant at 18, and the father immediately left the picture. She connected with an aunt in another state that she barely knew and she agreed to take her into her home. The young mother moved states to find security in a family but soon found herself locked out of the house with her small child due to a minor disagreement with her aunt. She has been bouncing in and out of homelessness for over a year now. Our local church partner has been working very closely with her and supporting her development. They have helped her secure employment that allows for child care and a room to rent. She is making ends meet but does not have transportation to get to and from work or to care for her young child. She attempted to qualify for a minimal loan to buy a car, and she was denied. She has saved $500, and our local partner has identified a reliable $2,700 car for her. A trusted mechanic has looked it over, and it is in good running order. Her budget does allow her to afford fuel and maintenance. We want to add $2,200 to her $500 and buy her the car.






raised of a $2,200.00 goal

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