Need 19.39 – Man Secures Employment One State Away

We alert you, for the last time this week, to a man that needs help getting to his first paycheck at his new job. He has been severely struggling financially since losing his business and has spent the past several months working odd jobs while looking for stable employment. At this point, he has lost almost everything from a financial perspective, but he has not lost is his faith in God, and his will to work his way out of this trail. He is hustling and continues to work hard. He has secured gainful employment one state away from where he currently lives. The problem is that he does not have the money to operate or to get room and board. We are working directly with him, and he has identified room and board for one month, that is $700. He also needs approximately $500 to buy gas for the 7-hour trip, and until he gets his first paycheck, as well as food and regular supplies. He is due to report to his new job on Tuesday, July 24th. We want to help him make that happen and keep him operating until his first paycheck.






raised of a $1,200.00 goal

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