Need 19.39 – High School Scholarship Student

We are very excited to alert you as well as update you about a Senior High School Scholarship Student that we have tracked with since her freshman year. You can check out the past Need Alerts (16.31 and 18.59) by visiting our website. There you can see the entire story. To recap, she was removed from her biological home by the state when she was five years old and adopted by a wonderful woman that she now regards as her mother. She grew up in a lower-income environment and was awarded a scholarship to a prominent private high school four years ago. All of the tuition and most of the fees are covered in the, but the $500 student activity fee is not included and the mother can not afford the expense on her fixed income. This fee enables the student to participate in extra activities with her classmates. We would like for her to be able to participate in this additional student activities for her senior year.






raised of a $500.00 goal

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