Need 19.38 – Perfect Financial Storm

We alert you to a family of six that is in need. The husband is a web developer for a large university, and the mother stays home to homeschool their younger children. Several months ago, the landlord of their home lost their job and was forced to sell their rental home. They had thirty days to vacate, and the unexpected expense was managed with their savings. During that same timeframe, the husband's dad had some heart problems. The grandad lives in Chili, and they have "free" government healthcare. The issue is that you cannot get in to see the free doctor inside of six months. To see a doctor sooner, you have to cash pay. They drained their savings to get his father the medical attention he needed. To complete the perfect storm, the mother fell and broke her leg earlier this month. These events have left them unable to pay their rent this month. It is not an ongoing problem but rather a series of unfortunate events. We want to help them with the needed $1,750 for rent.






raised of a $1,750.00 goal


  1. Shery & Jim Hancock
    16.07.2019 at 12:24 pm

    Prayers for this family and for the Lord to restore that which the locusts have eaten. They obviously are not considering the cost to do what needs to be done, so grateful to have a chance to help! Lord Bless and multiply our gifts to them!

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