Need 19.3 – Stage 4 Cancer – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a 50-year-old husband, of 29 years, that is terminally ill with stage four cancer. He was first diagnosed in 2015 with colon/rectal cancer, and it since has spread to his lungs. He does receive disability, but it is just not enough for him and his wife to make ends meet month to month. They have very little emotional family support and zero financial family support.  Over the past four years, they have changed their entire lifestyle and spent all of their life savings trying to stay afloat. Most of the time when we alert a Need, it has a sustainable path forward after providing relief. In this case, I can not see that path right now but, through prayer, believe we should act in mercy to give some relief to this couple. We want to help them with one month's bills and some minor car maintenance. As we provide the assistance, we are praying that our local church partner will be able to make a connection with them for ongoing Needs. The month's bills are rent, utilities, six month's of car insurance. Their car also needs alignment to stop severe tire wear and an oil change.






raised of a $1,715.00 goal

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