Need 19.27 – 72-Year-Old Recently Widowed Woman In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a 72-year-old woman that was widowed on April 27th. Her husband suddenly passed away from heart failure. His social security check was deposited into their account and then removed without notice when the government received his death certificate. They are changing benefit status, and her income will stabilize when they start the new benefits in July. She works 3-4 days per week but recently has missed a week of work because she broke her finger, removing some items from her home after her husband's passing. She borrowed $2,000 for his funeral, and she is currently short $1,295 for her June bills. We want to help her with the $1,295 needed for her June bills. We are confident that she will stabilize financially in the next thirty days.






raised of a $1,295.00 goal

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