Need 19.22 – Missionary In Need Of Physical Therapy – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a missionary in need of physical therapy. The husband and wife recently returned from long-term missionary work in Romania. They have been in ministry for over twenty years, and the wife is currently teaching while the husband manages a restaurant. They have a long history of supporting themselves and their ministry work but recently have run into a snag. While on a hike the wife had an accident and damaged her Achilles and Peroneal tendons. Her options are surgery or intensive physical therapy. She would like the intense physical therapy but there is an issue with their insurance, and they are not covering the treatment or any surgery. She needs therapy two times per week for four weeks, and the total cost is $800. After the four weeks, she will be able to continue the recovery with at home therapy. We want to help her get the treatment she needs and get her back on her feet.






raised of a $800.00 goal

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