Need 19.13 – 35 Week Pregnant Woman Needs Help – Goal Met!

We alert you to a woman that is 35 weeks pregnant that is working to secure permanent housing. She is married to a U.S. Marine that has abused her for several years. The abuse became more and more severe over time and during her pregnancy, she was forced to leave her home. She spent several weeks homeless and is now working with one of our local church partners to recover. The husband is charged with four felonies relating to the abuse and discharged from the Marine Corps. She has secured employment and qualified for an apartment she can afford. The issue is the first month's rent, deposits, and she needs some basic supplies and food. We want to help her with first month's rent and deposits that total $1,980 and give her $500 for household supplies and food.






raised of a $2,480.00 goal

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