Need 19.12 – International Student In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you to a very hard working international student that needs help. He is originally from Nigeria and is a full-time student in the U.S. He has no family here and supports himself through school working part-time as a driver for a delivery company. He has also served in our local church partner's youth program as a group leader for the past three years. As you can imagine even when things are going smoothly he must stay on budget to make ends meet. Earlier this month, without any notice, the bottom fell out on him at work. The deliveries slowed dramatically and he lost the majority of his income. He reacted appropriately and secured an additional part-time position, but he is now unable to pay his rent and has no money for food or gas. We think he will be ok next month, but we would like to help him with his $700 rent that is due today and a $200 gift card for food and gas until his new job's paycheck hits.






raised of a $900.00 goal

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