Need 19.11 – Woman Recovering From Severely Abusive Relationship – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a woman that is recovering from a severely abusive relationship. The relationship ended approximately four months ago, and she has suffered PTSD for the past few months. She is unable to control the severe depression, dissociation, flashbacks, and anxiety. To give some context without going into specific details that happened to her during the relationship, the ex-boyfriend is in jail for attempted murder on his new girlfriend. To further complicate matters financially, she was laid off of her job about one month ago. Honestly, losing her job may have been a blessing because it gave her the opportunity to go into a month-long intensive treatment program. She is working the program from 9 am to 3 pm daily, and it will last between two weeks to a month depending on progress. She needs help with her $930 rent that is due March 1st. We are reasonably confident that she will be able to regain employment in the next few weeks and begin to move forward to becoming more financially stable.






raised of a $930.00 goal

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