Need 19.10 – Woman Brutally Attacked By Family Member – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a woman that was brutally attacked by her half brother. She was recently separated from her husband and forced to move into her parents home with her 5-year-old daughter. She secured a new job in her new town in late January and began rebuilding her life. Her half brother was released from a mental facility on February 8th and brutally attack her on February 9th. He stabbed her multiple times with a kitchen knife in front of her daughter. The brother is charged with aggravated assault, battery, cruelty to children and several other charges. He is being held in jail without bond. The single mother was treated, and the injuries were not life-threatening. However, the treatment required approximately fifty staples. The attack caused her to miss significant time off work, and she does not have adequate savings in reserve to sustain her and her daughter. She also can not bring herself to take her daughter back into the parents home. (This is not the first incident in that home) We are working closely with our local church partner, and they are providing them with emergency food. We want to give them one month in an extended stay motel for $1,480 so that she can find permanent housing. We are praying she is back at work as soon as next week.






raised of a $1,480.00 goal

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