Need 18.89 – 25-Year-Old Young Professional In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a 25-year-old young professional that is at risk of becoming homeless. She was raised in and out of homelessness by a mother and father that both battled debilitating drug addiction. She has not seen her father in years, and she now cares for both her 18-year-old brother and her mother that is mentally ill. Although she works a full-time professional job, she is at risk of becoming homeless. Upon taking on responsibility for her brother, she signed a lease on a larger apartment for $1500 per month (that is 50% of her monthly take-home pay). That decision was a mistake. Several months later she was involved in a car accident that cost her $1500. This event, combined with a budget that was already out of balance, sent her finances in a tailspin. She got behind on her rent, and the apartment complex began adding late fees and court fees to the point that recovering her apartment was out of reach. We have been working with her for a few weeks. She is approved for a more budget appropriate apartment for her, her brother, and her mother. The new place is $825 per month. Her brother has enrolled in school and secured part-time work to help out. We are also working with her on financial counseling through our local church partner. The issue is that the deposits and other fees to move in are too much for her right now. If she can get into the apartment, we are confident that, with financial guidance, she will be able to make ends meet going forward. Apartment first-month rent, security deposit, and administration fees total $2,100. We want to help her secure the apartment.






raised of a $2,100.00 goal

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