Need 18.87 – One Week Of Housing – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a single mother, of two daughters ages seven and four, that is on the verge of homelessness. She was living with a friend that owned a home, and she was splitting the monthly bills. The friend abruptly kicked her out of the house. She moved to a motel and began making plans to secure an apartment. The father of the children agreed to help by paying every other week of the motel until she could find an apartment. Recently, she became ill with a severe stomach virus that prevented her from working for over a week. She now cannot pay her portion, and the father is unwilling/unable to step into the gap. We want to help her through this time and show her how to increase her financial margins to a healthier place where a minor illness does not create a potential homeless situation. We want to help our local church partner pay her rent at the motel for the week of $480 and begin a relationship with her and her children.






raised of a $480.00 goal

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