Need 18.86 – 4th-Grade Teacher In Need

We alert you today to a 4th-grade teacher in danger of being evicted from her apartment. This single mother of a one-year-old son works full time as a teacher. She is also attending graduate school for her masters in education administration and works part-time waitressing on nights and weekends. A few weeks ago she fell asleep on her way home from her waitressing job and hit a telephone pole. She was not injured, but her car was undrivable. The accident forced her into a tough decision to fix the car or pay her rent on time. Realizing that she could not get to work or school without her car, she chose to repair her car with her rent money ($1,300). She tried all other options to secure her rent money before submitting her need to our local church partner. As a result, her rent that usually is $1,383 is now $1,820 after fees and eviction filing charges. She does not have the money to make this payment. She and her one-year-old son are in real danger of eviction, and we want to help her save her apartment by paying the $1,820 for her.






raised of a $1,820.00 goal

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