Need 18.82 – Truck Driver Blew Engine – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a hard-working over the road trucker that has run on hard times. Several weeks ago he was making a run to Minnesota from Georgia. The engine on his rig blew and left him stranded in Minnesota. He stayed with his truck and attempted to get it fixed and resume working. However, the estimates were in the range of $20,000 to fix it. He got a bus ticket back home and is dealing with transporting the truck back to his home state to address the issue. During this mechanical failure, he has been unable to work and has fallen behind on his monthly bills. He is going to drive for another company starting next week until he can figure out how to repair his truck. In the meantime, he is entirely out of money and behind on his rent and power bill. We want to help him with his rent this month ($900), pay his power bill to prevent disconnection ($300), and give them a gift card for groceries ($250).






raised of a $1,450.00 goal

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