Need 18.79 – Family Of 4 Working Out Of Motel Living – Goal Met!

We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a family of four that are working their way out of living in motels. I work with many people that are living in pay by the day/week motels, and it is a real trap. The scenario is widespread that an individual or family will run on a hard time like the loss of employment and get evicted from their apartment.  They regain a new position but have an eviction on their credit. The eviction on their credit prevents them from qualifying for most apartments and the "second chance" rental properties require huge deposits and upfront costs. Therefore, these people have no option except the pay by the day/week motels. The main issue is that the motels are typically two times more expensive to live in than a leased property and the environment is not very good for children. Once in this cycle, it can be incredibly difficult to escape. High rates combined with huge deposits keeps people in the motels.

We are working with a family of four, through our local church partner, that has worked very hard to escape this exact situation. They have secured an apartment and come up with the majority of the deposits needed. They must take possession of the apartment today and are only $350 short. The father gets paid today and is putting his entire 2-week paycheck towards the lease deposit.  If we raise just $350 for the family, it will leave them with zero money for the next two weeks. We want to help them with the $350 for the deposit and also provide them with a $350 gift card for food and gas for the next two weeks. I feel they will recover and become more stable if we give this relief.






raised of a $700.00 goal

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