Need 18.76 – Single Father Of 3 In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a single father of three (ages 10,9,2) that is in need. This young father has a stable work history and has always been able to provide for his children. Seven weeks ago he was laid off from his company when they abruptly went out of business. Last week he was finally able to secure new employment, and it is a better job that he had before the layoff.  The issue now is that while he will be getting a first and partial paycheck this Friday, he is facing eviction early next week. We have discussed his budget, and if we can help with the rent this month and the eviction fees, he will be able to provide for him and his family going forward. This hard-working dad ran on tough times when he was unexpectedly and abruptly laid off due to a company failing, not his work performance. The consequences could mean homelessness for him and his children if we do not intervene. We want to help him recover from this financial setback and avoid the eviction.

Rent w/ late, eviction, and court fees - $2,200






raised of a $2,200.00 goal

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