Need 18.73 – 66-Year-Old Widow Undergoing Surgery – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a 66-year-old widow in need. She receives social security retirement, and that check covers a portion of her monthly bills. She then works part-time to make ends meet and have some spending money. In July she became ill with diverticulitis. It was not debilitating, but it did lead her to get an exam. In that exam, the doctors discovered an abscess on her colon. She went through a procedure to drain the abscess that required her to stay in the hospital for five days. She has remained ill ever since and is scheduled for surgery on October 10th to remove approximately one foot of her colon. That procedure will require six to eight weeks of recovery. She has already run through her savings, and even gotten behind on a few bills, since July. I am not sure the timing could be worse, but her car also broke down last week and is requiring $600 in repairs. She is now staring down October and November bills with little ability to pay them. She has a long history of sustaining herself, and we want to help her get back on her feet. We want to pay for two months of her bills (recovery period) as well as help her with the car repair. After her recovery period, she will have just a little bit of savings, be caught up with her bills, and ready to regain her independence through working part-time again.

2X Monthly Bills - $2,300

Car Repair - $600






raised of a $2,900.00 goal

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