Need 18.72 – Pastor’s Wife Needs Surgery – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a woman in need of unexpected surgery. She has been in ministry with her husband as pastor of a local church for 33 years. Currently, she is connecting twice a week with over 50 teens at their local apartment community, and she also serves at the local pregnancy crisis center. She is dedicated to ministry and works very hard, but they have delayed the needed surgery because they do not have the funds.

A few months ago her left eyelid began to drop, exposing her eye to the elements. She has seen our area expert in the medical field where they ruled out Graves' Disease as well as cancer. She then was referred to a trusted Ophthalmologist, and they tried steroid treatments. The treatments did not help. The condition has continued to worsen and is becoming almost entirely debilitating.

We have worked with the doctor and others that will be involved with the surgery and gotten the total cost down to $3,100. This price is a massive reduction in the average cost of an operation of this nature. Even with the discount, the family does not have the funds. We want to help her by paying for the procedure.






raised of a $3,100.00 goal

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