Need 18.70 – Mother With 5 Children Flees Abusive Husband – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a mother that has fled an abusive husband. She is now on her own with five children and stating her life over. She is in the process of securing employment and transportation while dealing with a nasty legal battle. We are working closely with her through our local church partner and helping her get on her feet. The kids now are enrolled in school, and she is interviewing with multiple employment opportunities. She is borrowing a friends car and working to secure her transportation. The area that she legally must live with the children is a rather expensive housing market, but she has gotten into housing. The rent is $1750 per month and with all the current expenses without a paycheck, she is struggling to hang on. We want to provide her with two months of rent to help her get her along.






raised of a $3,500.00 goal

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