Need 18.62 – Single Woman Unable to Work and Transitioning to Disability Income – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a woman that has been unable to work and is in the process of obtaining her disability income. She has diabetes and recently had all of the toes on her left foot amputated. There have also been some complications with the healing, and she is unable to work. We are working with her closely through our local church partner through this transition. The disability income process has taken months, and as a result, the woman is facing eviction this week. She does not have anywhere else to go and the disability, when it arrives, will be enough to pay her living expenses going forward.  We do not want her to be homeless, so we want to help her pay her rent. There are late fees and court fees added to the total, and the whole is now much more than her normal monthly rental amount. She needs $1,902 to avoid eviction. We are confident that she will be able to sustain herself going forward.






raised of a $1,902.00 goal

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