Need 18.57 – Single Mother Placed On Kidney Transplant List – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a single woman that is very sick and in need. She is a faithful member of one of our local church partners, and we have helped her before (Need 17.69). She has stage four kidney failure and goes to dialysis three times per week. She was once a successful businesswoman but has been forced to live on disability for several years. She has lost her home and no longer has any retirement or savings of any kind. Her budget is razor thin, and we are working with her to find her a source of additional income from some part-time, work from home, employment. Last month she ran into some severe financial issues. She had to undergo testing for a kidney transplant list, and the tests cost her $1,800. She is now on the list! In the same month, her car had transmission problems, and her washing machine broke. She also has had a few additional expenses to get her daughter ready to go back to school. She is now looking at this month's bills, and she has no money to pay them and to add to the pressure her annual car insurance payment is due. She is on a fixed income, and we are working with her to increase her revenue and create more margin in her monthly budget. However, without our help, she and her daughter will be facing homelessness and will not have transportation. We want to help her.

Rent - $1,100 / Utilities - $400 / Annual Car Insurance - $700






raised of a $2,200.00 goal

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