Need 18.56 – Single Woman Breaking Ties With Known Cult – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a single woman that is breaking ties with a known cult. She was the youngest of six children raised in a known cult. The cult encouraged sexual contact between adults and children. She lost her job in May but has recovered employment. She is currently holding down two jobs and works seven days per week. She is stabilizing herself and attending a financial class offered by her church, our local partner. We are working with her closely and have determined that she does not have funds to pay her rent this month, and her transportation is financially connected to the cult.  Sometimes the Needs we alert are simple, cut, and dry. Sometimes the needs are much more complicated. This need is complicated, and we hope that you understand the brevity of the details in this Need Alert. We want to help her pay her rent this month of $730. We also want to free her car financing up from the member of the cult, $1,400. We firmly believe this is a solid course of action to stabilize this young woman going forward.






raised of a $2,130.00 goal

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