Need 18.52 – Air Force Veteran Working Out Of Homelessness – Goal Met!


We alert you today to an Air Force Veteran that is working his way out of a homeless shelter. He has been working consistently and is now ready to move into an apartment. His credit is damaged, and as a result, the fees to secure an apartment with utilities is very high. He needs first and last month rent plus an additional months deposit for the housing (so basically three months rent). The utility companies are also asking for larger than regular deposits. He has most of the money needed to move in but is short the additional month's apartment deposit and also needs help with the utility deposits. We want to help him with the extra cost for him to secure housing outside of the shelter. We are working very closely with him through our local partner and are confident that he is on the right path to sustaining himself financially.

Rent and Utility Deposit Assitance - $1,550






raised of a $1,550.00 goal

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