Need 18.46 – Single Mother of 3 in Danger of being Homeless – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a single mother of three abandoned by the father of her children. She has been working to make ends meet as a maid at a hotel. She lost her job when she was forced to bring her 5-year-old child to work because of childcare complications. She was told it was permitted but then received a complaint that went all the way up to the corporate office, and as a result, she lost her job. She moved to a town about an hour away because she has childcare options, but still no housing options. She is living in a pay by the week motel and has secured two jobs. One as a maid at a hotel an the other at a fast food restaurant. She works full time at the hotel and then several days a week she works the second job until 1 am. She needs hotel rent until the 6th of July. At that point, she will receive her first paycheck and should be able to stabilize herself and three children. She is also working on getting support from the father of the children. We want to help her get to the 6th without losing her housing.

One Week Hotel Stay - $475






raised of a $475.00 goal

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