Need 18.45 – Car Part – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a single mother that is working through severe trials in her life. We have been able to address many of her needs, and she is doing an excellent job putting one foot in front of the other and making the next right choice. She is working full time, has secured housing, and is connecting with our local church partner at their service on Sundays. As you know, we ask each of you to do three things with each Need Alert you receive. We invite you to PRAY, SHARE the need with others, and GIVE if you can. Most needs require lots of us to give to make them happen. In this case, the need is for an $80 car part, and we have secured the labor on the car repair at no cost. Looking at the small amount of this Need Alert, I considered not even sending this need out because the amount is so much lower than average Need Alert. However, I became strongly convicted that this was the wrong approach and that we all need to be praying for this woman and her young daughter. A few of us need to give to this need to make it happen. However, I pray that all of us will take a minute out of our day and pray for this woman and her young daughter. Our prayers matter!

  • Car Part - $80







raised of a $80.00 goal

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