Need 18.38 – Supporting Opioid Recovery Center – Goal Met!


We alert you to a need for a local partner that we are supporting. They are the areas first and only opioid recovery center and support over 3,500 people in their recovery per month. Opioid addiction and abuse are an epidemic in our country, and I see it daily as we work with people in need through our local church partners. In a time when people of all walks of life continue to die from addiction and the opioid epidemic, the center is helping them to make connections and find resources and support that allow them to get in recovery and stay there.

One of the aspects of the center is a workout facility that is open to the recovery community to help build back their bodies to a pre-addiction state. Recently, the recovery center received a generous donation of an entire commercial gym. The employees of the center took empty trucks and moved the pieces of the gym from the donating facility many hours away and back to the center. (no small feat) To protect their floors from these fantastic commercial machines, they are in need of industrial rubber flooring.  After research and work with local businesses to receive discounts, the cost of the floor will be $4,223.00. We want to help them make this facility improvement possible and join them in their effort to bring the Kingdom of God to those in recovery.

We will keep this open for 48 hours or until the goal is met!






raised of a $2,225.00 goal

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