Need 18.32 – Young Family Needs Help


We alert you today to a young family in need of a little help. The mother and the father are both very hard working parents and are very involved in serving at one of our local church partners. The family relies on both parents income to make ends meet each month. Last month the wife/mother was needed to care for their 87-year-old grandmother that is suffering from cancer and had just undergone surgery. It was an honor for the family to help but required the wife to miss work and therefore their income dropped. Adding to the loss of revenue was the travel expenses because the grandmother lives in a different state. They are praying and working on the way to have the grandmother move in with them so that they can provide care for her while allowing both parents to continue earning income. However, they are short on their rent this month. They need $500 to cover the remaining rent. We want to help this hardworking and committed family get through this month.






raised of a $500.00 goal

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