Need 18.29 – Homeless Man ” Matt” Needs Dentures – Goal Met!


We alert you today for the second time to "Matt", a homeless man that one of our local church partners is helping to work out of homelessness. The first time was Need 18.15 a few weeks ago. Through that Need Alert, you were able to get him an eye exam and much-needed glasses. He is moving forward with employment, and it is now time to address his dental needs. Our local church partner has been working with one of our area experts in the dental field. They have been able to secure dentures for "Matt" for $1,350. This dental work is an incredible deal and will indeed be a blessing to this man. The support and commitment our local church partner has shown to him and his willingness to put one foot in front of the other has been an inspiration to watch. We want to continue to support the effort by providing the much needed dental work.






raised of a $1,350.00 goal

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