Need 18.24 – Single Mother Loses Her Father – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a member of our local church partner who joined about two years ago when she came to town as part of a residential addiction recovery program for mothers.  Over the course of her recovery and her relationship with the church, she accepted Christ and was baptized.  She is a faithful member, along with her daughter, and has been very dedicated to her recovery. This weekend, her father died after a short stay in ICU.  As she and her family reckon with the costs of his death care, she finds herself in the position of choosing between staying current on her rent ($400/mo., due April 1 - she has a five-day grace period) or participating her family's funeral costs.  They are a family of minimal means, and this is a genuine choice for her.  Plus, she laid out more than she anticipated in bus fare back and forth to her hometown several hours away.

We want to help her through this tough time by providing her some much-needed rent relief along with some additional funds to help her with bus fairs and time off work.






raised of a $800.00 goal

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