Need 18.22 – Family Lost Home In Fire – Goal Met!


We alert you this morning to a family of five that has lost their home, and everything in it, in a house fire. Unfortunately, they did not have renters insurance. The mother and father both are very hard working parents. The mother had a seamstress business in the home, and she has lost all of her fabric, supplies, and her machines are damaged. The rental home is no longer livable and the family is in search of a new rental home. The family is in need of clothes, shoes, beds and most of the essential items we all use daily. The mother is also scrambling to get back to work and avoid even more stress on the family budget. We are working closely with our local partner and would like to support the effort financially. We are going to handle this Need Alert a little differently than usual. We are going to leave this Need open for 48 hours or $3,000, whichever comes first. Please consider giving what you can, praying for the family, and sharing this need with others.






raised of a $3,000.00 goal

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