Need 18.20 – Family Needs Help – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a family that is in need of help. As we have discussed before, any single need falls into one of three categories. (Rehabilitation, Development, Relief) This family has several needs that range to all three groups. They have four children ages 17, 7, 5, and 1. The 17-year-old daughter has autism and requires special care. The father is a U.S. Army war veteran and suffers from PTSD and can not drive. He also has had trouble holding down employment for any significant period. The mother works tirelessly to keep everything together. She gets the kids where they need to be and between that drives for a car service. She makes ends meet somehow, but last month had car trouble that interrupted her budget as well as her ability to work. She fixed the car and is back to work. We are working with her on better employment and are also working with the father to gain employment. The problem is that their power will be turned off in 3 days. We want the power to remain on while we work with this family through our local partner.






raised of a $360.00 goal

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