Need 18.18 – Woman Working Through Clinical Depression – Goal Met!


We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a 55-year-old woman that is working her way out of clinical depression. She has been fighting depression for over three years. One year ago she decided to seek help. She has been working with a  counselor, and we are working with her through our local church partner. Before her mental illness took hold of her life, she was gainfully employed and enjoyed several hobbies including ballroom dancing and volunteering at several local nonprofits. Through counseling, she has been able to secure a new part-time position. The job gets her moving and out of the house but is not enough to pay her monthly bills. However, she has several excellent opportunities for employment that are on par with her life before the depression. We are working closely with her on these opportunities. The issue is that she has completely gone through her retirement savings and the part-time job has reduced her hours. She can't pay her rent this month. She is so close to working through this hard season of her life, and we firmly believe that rental assistance combined with the promising employment opportunities will help her become stable again.






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