Need 18.16 – 22 Year Old Single Woman Needs Help – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a 22-year-old single woman that is in need of help. She has been supporting herself since she was sixteen years old and has always made ends meet. She works three different jobs currently. Her primary income source comes from a nanny/house cleaning/personal assistant type position. Several weeks ago, her employer for that position quit returning her calls without notice, withheld her paycheck, and terminated her employment. She still has not been paid or been given any explanation. She spent the majority of her time in this position, but going forward can dedicate more time to the other two jobs to recover. However, she will not be able to recover from the $800 she was expecting in her paycheck this week in time to pay her rent. We would like to help her through this time by paying that portion of her rent.






raised of a $800.00 goal

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