Need 18.15 – Homeless Man “Matt” Needs Glasses – Goal Met!


If you have been receiving Need Alerts from us for very long, you will notice the title of this need is a little different. We do not typically label the person in need with an identifier. However, this one is a bit different because we anticipate walking alongside this man, through our local church partner, for at least one more Need Alert, maybe two. To help you connect the dots, we are calling him "Matt".

As we have talked about before, all needs fall into three categories, and those are rehabilitation, development, and relief. When someone is to the point of homelessness like Matt, many times, their needs are in multiple groups. Our local church partner is encouraging and cheering Matt on in the areas that he can and must take action himself, and we have the opportunity to support them in the spots where relief makes sense.

Matt has been living in a tent in the woods for two and a half years. Our local church partner has been working with him to secure employment and housing. Matt is making all of the right choices and putting one foot in front of the other. He has been working odd jobs to get by and has secured housing for $300 per month. This week Matt got the opportunity to obtain full-time employment driving a truck. The only issue is that he needs to pass an eye exam. He lost the lenses in his glasses a long time ago and is surviving on 3.5 reading glasses from the drug store. He needs an eye exam, new frames, and lenses so that he can pass a vision test and improve his employment. We anticipate a dental care need in the future and possibly one more, but the first relief area is to help him get his vision in order.






raised of a $500.00 goal

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