Need 18.13 – Single Mother w/ 6-Month-Old Baby – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a single mother, with a 6-month-old baby, that needs help. We have been working closely with her through our local church partner. After being in and out of homelessness, she gained employment through one of our employment area experts and also secured stable housing. A few weeks ago she was laid off due to budget cuts. The company that laid her off helped her get her resume together that same day and also gave her a letter of recommendation. She left that office and actively went looking for new employment. She was interviewed that same day and hired. However, the gap between her old job and her start date at the new position is leaving her with a shortfall in her budget. She met with one of our area experts in financial counseling, and she is $700 short of being able to make this transition while maintaining her housing. We would like to help her make this transition.






raised of a $700.00 goal

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