Ned 19.29 – Woman Suffers Heart Attack – Goal Met!

We alert you this morning to a 57-year-old single woman that suffered a massive heart attack on May 15th. She was rushed to the emergency room where they stabilized her. She has not been allowed to return to work before her scheduled surgery in the middle of June. After the surgery, she will be out of work an additional four weeks to recover. She does not have any disability coverage, and she is unable to pay her monthly bills. She asked for one month's bills, but upon discussion, we believe that she genuinely needs two months worth of her bills covered before she will be able to get back to work. She does have emotional and physical support from her sister, but no family has the funds to help her. She has a long and stable work history, and we will be working with her, through our local church partner, on financial health after she recovers physically. Her monthly bills total $1,080 per month. We want to pay two months of her living expenses totaling $2,160






raised of a $2,160.00 goal


  1. Lou Stein
    05.06.2019 at 11:12 am

    Stay STRONG and POSITIVE! You will get thru this and be better person for it.
    I will pray for you.

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