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We alert you today of a mother that is fighting to get her son through high school. I am going to attempt to be as brief as I can with this explanation, but it does require a certain level of explanation to make sense.

Last school year the mother of her then 16-year-old son sent him from Alabama to Georgia to live with his father and finish high school. She felt like he needed a father in his life at that age. She worked two jobs in Alabama and drove almost every weekend to see him in Georgia. She was unaware that the father had been severely neglecting the boy until he became very ill and they could not figure out the problem. The problem turned out to be that his appendix had ruptured. He spent 17 days in intensive care and after surgery, he spent another 21 days in the hospital recovering. The doctors said he is fortunate to have made it. The mother was surprised when the father did not come to the hospital one time to see their son. This led to discussions and her discovery that the son had been being severely mistreated and neglected, but he did not tell her because he just wanted to get through his last year of school.

So now the mom was faced with a decision. She had just almost lost her son and also realized that she had made a terrible mistake sending her son to live with his father. However, through all of this, he was thriving at school and only had one more year to finish up. So she decided to leave her full-time job and transfer her part-time job to Georgia to support her son in his last year of high school. She is well educated and qualified and thought she could gain another full-time position quickly. However, the summer proved difficult for her to secure employment and she has faced incredibly difficult financial hardships. We are working very closely with her through one of our partners. She is incredibly hard working and we all respect her greatly. We have also seen firsthand how abusive the father has become to both the mother and the child.

She has now secured full-time employment at $17 per hour and is going to continue working her 2nd job as well. However, she has lost her car to repossession and needs help getting some groceries until she can get her first paycheck as well as help with a small water bill deposit on her apartment. We want to help her with these things to help her get back on her feet.


Car out of Repossession - $1,009

Groceries - $300

Water Bill Deposit - $35

Total Need  = $1,344

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