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We alert you today of a woman that was an addict for a very long time and is now seventeen months and eighteen days sober. (She became addicted to prescription pain pills after an accident left her with a broken back and hand. The addiction led to her arrest)  She has been working nights from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am then getting her children off to school at 7 am. She is then sleeping for just a few hours and reporting to work through a drug court from 12 pm to 4 pm daily. She is living in a very volatile home with a family member but is working very hard to move on from the life of an addict to a sober and stable living situation for her and her two children. The fines and fees she is paying to the court system are taking priority, as they should, in her budget right now. However, they are making it difficult for her to pay her regular bills right now. We are working closely with her through one of our local partners, and she is the first one to admit she has put herself in this situation.

We learned today that her power is disconnected and the children are now living without electricity. She is working so hard and is almost out of the financial hardship she has created for herself. We would like to give her a "hand up." We would like to extend some mercy on this family and provide them with some relief by paying their power bill up to date.


Power Bill - $681

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*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local partner, not One Need.


If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

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Rodney McClure


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