Need 18.6 – Husband Checks Into Long-term Rehab Facility – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a woman in need. She is a loving wife to an alcoholic and a devoted mother to their 8-year-old son. Her husband has been battling alcohol addiction for many years. Recently he was fired from his job for being intoxicated at work. As a result, he agreed to enter into long-term rehabilitation. As sad as the situation is this is a positive development. The issue is that he was the primary breadwinner and now will remain unemployed during his rehabilitation. We have worked with our local partner, and the family is working to reduce their expenses while increasing her income. However, she remains short about $750 per month. The bottom line is that she just needs to buy a little time to get the financial gap filled. We would like to release a bit of the pressure and help her for two months.






raised of a $1,280.00 goal

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