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We alert you today of a single woman that is in desperate need. Several years ago she moved from Chicago to Atlanta to help her daughter attend college. He daughter did not do well in college and shortly dropped out and moved back to Chicago. Her mother could not just simply pick up and move back to Chicago with her. She had a lease on an apartment and a job. However, she was laid off from her job in October of last year. She has been unsuccessfully searching for employment ever since she was laid off, has exhausted all of her resources, and is being evicted from her apartment.

She submitted her need to us through our local partner and asked for us to help save her apartment. When we work with people that are in need we always try to take the most reasonable and sensible action. Many times as we talk to people we realize that what they are asking for is not always the best idea or option and that is what happened in this case. She is in Atlanta all alone with no family and very few friends. She is unemployed and completely out of money. If we help her pay her rent she is still unemployed and will need help next month. However, she does have a loving family and friends in Chicago. She has a free place to stay there with her sister and friends and family that can help her find employment. After talking to her she agreed that moving back to Chicago was her best option. As I talked to her you could audibly hear hope return to her voice.

We immediately got her $70 to help her eat through the weekend. Our local partner also met with her to organize a U-Haul truck and has organized volunteers to load the truck for her on Wednesday. She will then drive the truck from Atlanta to Chicago and move in with her sister. The only issue is the cost of the truck and fuel for the trip. We would like to cover these costs and get her back on track.


Truck Rental - $900

Fuel and Food = $300

Total Need = $1,200

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